What I’ve learned about Omegle so far as a guy

There’s a lot of penis on Omegle.
No one will give you the time of day if you have a beard and don’t use the mic.
People will spare a few seconds if you’re clean shaven.
People will almost spare a minute if you’re also wearing a hat.
People will have conversations with you if you’re on mic.
Green does not show up well on cam.
Blue however does.
Asian girls are looking for other asians for any reason or hot white dudes.
Asian dudes will make fun of you.
Couples will make fun of you.
There’s entirely too much penis.
Using the common interests is good to avoid most penis.
Don’t list any colors as interests or you’ll get penis and weird stuff.
Listing ‘tumblr’ as an interest will connect you with young white girls or asian girls that will make the derpiest of faces and then disconnect.
Anyone with the ‘SPG’ or ‘Steam Powered Giraffe’ interest will follow you on tumblr and treat you like a precious bab.
Listing ‘pizza’ as an interest will connect you with other guys or creepy girls. I don’t know why.
A lot of people don’t like showing their face.
Listing ‘bears’ as an interest means something different to everyone else. D: