Gynoid Character

Another fine piece of my Gynoid character. This time by Owlyn Resident on Second Life for L$1250. Approximately $5 USD.

Cute fanart sketch by a sweet Second Life friend, Aya Niosaki.

Adasyd Gynoid by nogutsnoglory

Awesome piece by of my Adasyd gynoid character for just $15.

Adasyd Gynoid by dogribs

Thank you to dogribs for this wonderful piece! Commission them for a sketch like such for just $5!

Adasyd Gynoid by PawPrintStars

Amazing chibi, flat color art piece by PawPrintStars, go commission them!

Adasyd Gynoid by ReiTuki

Great art piece by ReiTuki!

Adasyd Gynoid by ReiTuki

An awesome profile piece by ReiTuki!

Current Outfit:

Previous Outfit:

Reference images.

Note: Adasyd has four fingers. Wings aren’t connected and aren’t always used, so optional and left to artists discretion. ♥

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